Unicorr Manufacturing Facilities Turn to Renewable Energy Through Solar Power

September 2020 – Unicorr Packaging Group continues their longstanding commitment to sustainability with the installation of solar arrays on the roofs of three of their manufacturing facilities. As designers and manufacturers of custom corrugated products and protective packaging, the company is at the forefront of sustainability and has been voluntarily tracking their carbon emissions for over 10 years to identify and implement opportunities to reduce their carbon footprint.

Solar power at three Unicorr facilities now provides:

  • 575 kW at the 167,000 sq. ft. Massachusetts Container Corp. plant in Marlborough, MA
  • 374 kW at the 140,000 sq. ft. Nutmeg Container Corp. plant in Putnam, CT
  • 357 kW at the 165,000 sq. ft. Connecticut Container Corp. plant in North Haven, CT

According to Hap Perkins, President and CEO, Unicorr Packaging Group, the solar capacity at the three locations meets approximately 16% of the electricity needs for the three buildings.

“As the demand for corrugated products and protective packaging increases around the globe, Unicorr is invested in working with quality recycled materials and raw materials from responsibly managed forests,” Perkins said. “With these solar arrays, we have extended that commitment to a greener environment by doing our part toward a renewable energy-fueled economy and providing our customers with more sustainable products.”

Perkins added that the company uses operating and maintenance specialists to ensure maximum efficiency of the solar arrays, which generate enough electricity to power 130 homes per year or take 220 cars off the road.