Packaging Plant Audits & Optimization

Our packaging optimization ideas and solutions can help you reduce packaging and packing cost, save on ‘soft’ costs and improve cash flow while reducing transportation, space, and handling.

We perform auditing services on existing packaging, processes and systems to identify and quantify savings opportunities.

To support our team conducting the design and auditing services, we continuously invest in software and hardware upgrades and enhancements. Packaging optimization software can be used to test package size, strength, pallet loading, and freight costs. We also perform tests in our ISTA certified lab and run trials at our customers’ facilities.


We’ll conduct onsite packaging audits to help optimize your packaging process from manufacturing and packing to your customer. Our experienced team of lean manufacturing, quality, and design experts will review your package designs and process from receiving your packaging, to packaging your products and then shipping your products to the final destination.


We’ll identify ways to save money, not only on the packaging itself but in the process of handling and packaging your products. We’ve done everything from reducing ECT/Mullen to creating new designs to eliminate material to new designs that run more efficiently through our customers’ plant and supply chain.  For instance, we’ve invented unique designs that save on the package itself and on the process of packaging items for shipment.


We view our customers like partners, and we’re constantly on the lookout for cost saving opportunities. In fact, we make lowest total cost of ownership part of our design process mindset. Reduced material, labor, finished goods inventory, pallet utilization and shipping costs are all components that contribute to that model.

We have technical resources experienced in solving all types of packaging problems, and we’re available for onsite audits and investigations, design review, customer support and cost reductions. We look for materials and designs that are more efficient, perform better and are sustainable. We also have the ability to test all of our proposals in-house.