Packaging Services

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From recreating existing designs to developing entirely new concepts, our team of designers and engineers can bring your packaging vision to life.

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In order to help minimize warehouse space at your location and manage unpredictable demand, Unicorr develops customized programs to manage your inventory at our locations and deliver it the next day.

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This service lets you receive a single shipment with a variety of products, including boxes, containers, packaging supplies, and more from a central hub, thus reducing the number of shipments to your facility and the amount of packaging inventory required on-site.

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Our ISTA-certified testing lab in Putnam, CT is capable of simulating forces encountered by packages during shipping and handling to help ensure product integrity. As a certified APASS provider, the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network, Unicorr is qualified to test, design, and manufacture packaging to meet Amazon’s latest stringent guidelines.

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Our experienced team of lean manufacturing, quality, and design experts will review your package designs and process from receiving your packaging, to packaging your products and then shipping your products to the final destination to help save you time and money.