Custom Packaging Design

Your packaging should command attention and protect what’s inside in the most efficient way possible. Unicorr has the technical expertise, knowledge, tools and creativity to help you create the perfect packaging for your product and brand.

Our in-house packaging design team, led by our Creative Director with decades of package design experience, pushes the limits of our materials and unique equipment to develop innovative packaging ideas. We’ll apply that same blend of creativity and experience to your packaging. We truly go above and beyond to come up with ideas for more efficient packaging and eye-catching designs that transport your items safely to their final destination.

Our team has a number of resources and tools at their disposal to ensure you’re getting the very best solution. We use all of the latest software, including ArtiosCad for all structural design development, along with a number of different tools for graphics design. We also have equipment in a number of our plants to mock up samples. In addition, with our ISTA certified lab and our trade partners across the United States, we have advanced state of the art test and analysis facilities at our disposal for special projects, product improvements and applications optimization.

Finally, our intimate knowledge of industry trends, in-store processes and cost-reduction techniques allows us to recommend the best materials, graphics design and structural strategies for each project.