Packaging Testing & Analysis

Not only must our packages help your product look good, but they must protect it as well by sustaining strength under the rigors of shipping. To make sure they pass the test, we can subject them to extensive packaging testing & analysis.

Our ISTA-certified testing lab in Putnam, CT is capable of simulating forces encountered by packages during shipping and handling. To ensure product integrity during shipment, our technicians perform various experiments to validate and optimize our packaging designs. Our lab has shock, drop, incline impact, compression, high and low temperature, humidity, and vibration testing capabilities.  We also can test materials and final box attributes via Caliper, ECT, Pin Adhesion, Mullen, and Box Compression at our other facilities.

Our typical process is to design packaging that will pass the specified ISTA test, and then test the product in our packaging to prove its strength and durability. We provide test reports to confirm compliance to ISTA standards and ISTA member organizations can label their packaging.

We have used our ISTA lab to test packaging for brand new products and programs as well as to identify and test cost savings opportunities for existing items.

APASS Certified

Unicorr is a certified APASS provider for the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network. As an APASS provider, Unicorr is qualified to test, design, and manufacture packaging to meet Amazon’s latest stringent guidelines.

Reducing packaging waste and increasing distribution efficiency has become one of Amazon’s key missions. When a vendor wants their products available to its customers through Amazon’s distribution network, the packaging must be certified by Amazon to ensure it meets specific criteria.  Unicorr can test your packaging and provide that certification.

Unicorr is a one-stop shop for our customers who want to sell their products through Amazon.  We are able to design, certify and test the packages, and then manufacture them ourselves without the additional step of sending the packages to Amazon to be tested.

Under this program, Unicorr provides certified packaging for products in the Amazon categories of Tier 1 (Frustration-Free Packaging), Tier 2 (Ships-In-Own-Container), and Tier 3 (Prep-Free Packaging)—all without additional testing at Amazon’s testing lab. All tiers are designed to help provide vendors with significant cost savings, waste reduction, and subsequent improved customer satisfaction with items fulfilled by Amazon.