Protective Packaging

Unicorr provides you with customized combinations of protective packaging materials – all of which are manufactured in our own facilities – to cushion, support and protect your products from shock, abrasion, and handling. From custom crates and pallets, to foam-lined, shock-mounted skids to the resiliency and excellent strength-to-weight ratio of foam and corrugated… Unicorr’s packaging, assembly, engineering, and manufacturing teams will work with you to help determine the most efficient combination of wood, foam, and corrugated to provide you with the inner and outer packaging options needed to meet your shipping requirements.

Key Capabilities

Technical Design:

  • Talented, experienced technical designers
  • Performance testing to ISTA standard shock and vibration requirements


  • Wooden crates, pallets and custom engineered skids
  • Reusable crates
  • Customized on-site crating
  • Shock-mounted skids
  • Barrier bagging to protect from moisture and prevent corrosion
  • CNC Router for precise drilling and cutting


  • High-speed die cutting
  • Welding and molding
  • Convoluting


  • Fully engineered assemblies, one part number for multiple components
  • Storage hub for your other vendors’ product combined for delivery to your dock with our packaging

Protective Packaging Solutions

What happens when you ask the right questions and actively listen to the answers?

Great ideas and solutions develop.

Unicorr will partner with you to understand your packaging, crating, shipping and handling requirements in order to generate ideas and suggestions aimed at developing customized solutions.

Unicorr offers a full line of cushioned inner packaging options.Based on your shipping and cushioning needs, quantity and budget, the following are a few of the protective packaging options available from Unicorr:

  • PE: Polyethylene
  • PU: Polyurethane
  • FIP: “Foam in Place”
  • HT Wood
  • EPS: Expanded Polystyrene
  • Molded Pulp