Protective Packaging

Protective packaging will safeguard your high value products against unpredictable shipping conditions and rough handling. Unicorr provides you with customized combinations of protective packaging materials – all of which are manufactured in our own facilities – to cushion, support and protect your products from shock, vibration, and handling.

From custom crates and pallets, to foam-lined, shock-mounted skids to the resiliency and excellent strength-to-weight ratio of foam and corrugated, Unicorr’s packaging, assembly, engineering, and manufacturing teams will work with you to help determine the most efficient combination of wood, foam, and corrugated to provide you with the inner and outer packaging options needed to meet your shipping requirements. We will create fully engineered assemblies with one part number for multiple components. In addition, we can conduct performance testing in our ISTA certified lab to ISTA standard shock and vibration requirements. Finally, we have a wide variety of manufacturing capabilities including CNC routing for wood and high-speed diecutting, welding, molding and convoluting for foam.



Our talented and experienced team will help you create packaging that:

  • Cushions, supports and protects your products from shock, abrasion, and handling
  • Is customized for your products and supply chain
  • Is an efficient combination of packaging materials to reduce cost
  • Helps save labor by reducing packing time

Types Available

  • Crates
    • Options include corner mounts, cushion skids, ramps, and designs for reusability
    • Barrier bagging
  • Customized on-site crating
  • Custom engineered skids
    • Foam-lined skids
    • Shock-mounted skid

Types Available(cont’d)

  • Customized interior packaging
    • PE: Polyethylene
    • PU: Polyurethane
    • FIP: Sealed Air Urethane Foam in place
    • Heat-treated (HT) wood
    • EPS: Expanded polystyrene
    • Molded pulp
    • Honeycomb
    • Corner posts
    • Thermoformed trays
    • Suspension packaging
    • Retention packaging
  • Soft and hard plastic cases customized with foam cavities
  • Inca pallets
  • Endless options for customization – we will help you find the right combination
  • ISPM 15 / NELMA Certification
  • Spec Packaging


Protective packaging is a popular option for any business needing to ensure safe shipping and handling throughout the supply chain for heavy and high value items, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Appliances and Home Goods
  • Automotive
  • Electronics and OEMs
  • Industrial Products
  • Military
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices