Our Products

No matter how large or complex your packaging challenge, our talented, highly-experienced team has the knowledge, technology and creativity to solve it within your budget and timeframe. What’s more, we use the latest equipment to provide the highest levels of quality and efficiency on every job.

Corrugated Containers

With multiple facilities and extensive state-of-the-art equipment, we have the capability to produce a wide range of customized corrugated containers, in any quantity, to efficiently package and protect your products from origin to final destination.

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Retail Packaging

If you want to compete for retail shelf space and prime display area, packaging is everything. Our creative team of talented problem-solvers applies graphic design expertise, intricate knowledge of structure, and unique packaging equipment to produce custom retail packaging that gets you noticed.

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Ecommerce Packaging Solutions

Unicorr designs and manufactures efficient packaging solutions that both protect and present your products for a memorable customer experience.

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Protective Packaging

From custom foam inserts to shock-mounted skids, Unicorr can give your products the protection they need. We design and manufacture technical packaging solutions made to protect your products from the rigors of shipping and handling.

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Wooden Pallets

Unicorr produces new wooden pallets in any quantity, designed and sized for your unique requirements.

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Packaging Supplies and Equipment

Not only do we come up with creative packaging solutions, we also think beyond the box. We carry everything you need to ship, including a wide range of packaging products, supplies and equipment.

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Bulk Storage Containers

Unicorr offers safe, universal, reusable and economical storage solutions for bulk shipping and warehousing.

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Plastic Corrugated Containers and Signboard

If you or your suppliers can reuse your boxes, Unicorr can help drive down your costs with reusable plastic corrugated containers.

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