Unicorr Adds 4-Color High-Speed Flexo Folder Gluer to its Line of Highly Efficient, State-of-the-Art Production Equipment

October 2019 – Unicorr Packaging Group has added a Bobst FFG 8.20 Expertline—a 4-color high-speed flexo

folder gluer with die-cutting capability—to its line of highly efficient, state-of-the-art production equipment. Recently installed at Massachusetts Container in Marlborough, the Bobst 8.20 produces high quality corrugated boxes for almost any industry including food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, e-commerce, appliances and home goods, industrial products, and shipping and distribution.

From the automatic prefeeder on the front to the automatic palletizer at the end of the machine, the fully automated system allows for ult

ra-quick setup time and produces up to 24,000 boxes per hour while delivering reliable and consistent quality. It also prints up to four colors and has a die cut section.

“As Unicorr’s customer base continues to grow, we are always looking for the latest

technology and equipment that is best suited to support their growth and serve their varied needs,” Matt Perkins, General Manager of Massachusetts Container, said. “The Bobst 8.20 provides additional capacity, speed, quality and dependability, which results in the fast turnaround that today’s customers demand.”

The fast run speeds and setup times make the Bobst 8.20 ideal for both long and short runs. The operators are able to set up the next job while the machine is running and the machine will automatically set up the next job as soon as the last box exits a section of the machine. In addition, the Bobst 8.20 has a camera inspection system that automatically rejects unglued boxes to prevent inferior boxes from reaching Unicorr’s end customer. Finally, the machine adds significant capacity and equipment redundancy to Massachusetts Container and the entire Unicorr manufacturing system.