Unicorr Acquires the Most Sophisticated Corrugated, Direct Print Flexographic Press in the Northeast

June 2019 – Unicorr Packaging Group has begun operation on a new Göpfert six-color, rotary die cutter Evolution HBL (High Board Line) press. Located at Connecticut Container Corp. in North Haven, CT, the Göpfert is complete with state-of-the-art features such as auto-registration that enables production of lithographic quality printing on corrugated.

Not only does the machine have best-in-class print quality, the Göpfert press is a best-in-class production machine. It produces up to 10,000 sheets an hour, and its multi-directional bundle breakers maximize the number of items per sheet, increasing machine efficiency. This machine allows the operator to set up unused print stations while the press is running, which reduces setup time.

“For over seventy years, Unicorr has adhered to its tradition of providing the most cutting edge solutions that help our customers achieve success,” Bernie Baszak, a Unicorr sales manager said. “This machine, quite simply, is a terrific example of a radically improved efficiency and quality of flexographic printing.”

Thanks to Göpfert’s camera inspection system, Unicorr not only achieves registration consistency, but the machine also removes defective sheets so every box produced will meet customer’s exacting standards. The machine also provides automatic ink conditioning for better color consistency, print quality, and fewer non-conformances; quick anilox roll changes for better solids and finer details in screen areas; inter-station dryers for improved run speeds; cleaner traps between colors for greater flexibility in art development, and more; enabling Unicorr to offer customers superior print quality at a cost-effective price.

“From plain to litho quality printed die cuts, the Göpfert really does it all,” Baszak added. “It even features a sheet inverter that enables us to effectively print on both sides, meaning Unicorr can offer customers an ideal solution for products that are sold through e-commerce.”