Unicorr Achieves Certification as an Amazon APASS Provider

March 2019 – Unicorr Packaging Group is now a certified APASS provider, the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network. The APASS network was created by Amazon to help their vendors find packaging suppliers. As an APASS provider, Unicorr is qualified to design, test, and manufacture packaging to meet Amazon’s latest stringent guidelines.

“Reducing packaging waste and increasing distribution efficiency has become one of Amazon’s key missions,” Gary Lenkeit, Corporate Creative Director at Unicorr, said. “When a vendor wants their products available to its customers through Amazon, the packaging must be certified by Amazon on meeting specific criteria and passing a series of tests.”

In an attempt to incentivize vendors to create what they call “frustration-free packaging” for their brands, as of August 1, 2019, Amazon will begin to penalize companies that provide packaging that does not meet these standards. For years, Unicorr has helped their customers sell their products through Amazon.com by developing and manufacturing innovative packaging designs that meet Amazon’s standards.

“By becoming part of the APASS network,” Lenkeit added, “Unicorr now is a one-stop shop for our customers who want to sell their products through Amazon. We are able to design, certify and test the packages, and then manufacture them ourselves without the additional step of sending the packages to Amazon to be tested.”

Under this program, Unicorr provides certified packaging for products in the Amazon categories of Tier 1 (Frustration-Free Packaging), Tier 2 (Ships-In-Own-Container), and Tier 3 (Prep-Free Packaging)—all without additional testing at Amazon’s testing lab. All tiers are designed to help provide vendors with significant cost savings, waste reduction, and subsequent improved customer satisfaction with items fulfilled by Amazon.

In addition to designing, testing, and manufacturing Amazon-qualified packaging, Unicorr can design, test in their ISTA certified lab and manufacture packaging for their customers for e-commerce, retail, distribution, protective or other applications.