Worcester County Chapter APICS

“I want to congratulate you on hosting an outstanding plant tour last night. Everyone was very happy. Please express our thanks to your folks staying late last night to be tour hosts. I’m sure they would rather be home with family. As you know every month we ask the attendees to evaluate the evening’s proceedings. Well, the tallies are in and in the categories that you could control, those scores indicated very high levels of satisfaction. It is our pleasure to add Unicorr to our New England District database of speaker and plant tour hosts. With your name being listed here, other chapters will see that you have successfully hosted a meeting and will be willing to solicit your services again in their chapter.¬†On behalf of the APICS Board of Directors, it’s membership and all the delighted attendees,thank you very much.”

Mestek, Inc.

“Thank you to you and your team. I had a problem on my end so my order did not reach you till this morning and on that short notice you came through and shipped my complete PO which I received at 12:30. AWESOME job. Thank you again!!!!!!!”

Rhino Foods

“I wanted to take a minute to thank you for all your work with my customer. This has been very time consuming and your patience and professionalism is very appreciated.”


“Isabel, again, your team (Jim) came through for us! We did not get back to him on Wednesday for crates we needed, when I called Thursday he was already booked but still was able to get us what we needed to make our last shipments. That was the difference, and made our end of the year successful. Thank you!”

General Dynamics

“Thanks again for your support over the past six years. We’ve developed an excellent business relationship. Unicorr is a great fit for General Dynamics. Through your expertise, versatility and service, we’ve enjoyed a seamless supply of packaging products to our business.”

Koch Membrane Systems

“I would like to express our thanks for your and your group to provide service over and above the norm by providing us the parts in basically an overnight effort. Your people are to be commended for their dedication to providing a service that definitely exemplifies the meaning of customer service. Please convey our grateful thanks to all who participated in this effort.”

Wachusett Brewing Company

“It was very nice chatting with you last night. If I haven’t said it already, please know that it is a great comfort to have such a supportive and responsive business associate, such as yourself and your colleagues at Unicorr!”

CTS Corp.

“Thanks very much for helping us out with our customer’s packaging. We had a sensitive issue going on with this customer and it was critical that we responded quickly. I really appreciate you adjusting your production schedule to accommodate our drop-in request.”

Kenney Mfg.

“Hi Kevin/Nance… I want to thank you both for getting those 73-1500 cartons to us so quickly… we did receive them Friday morning just as promised… quite a feat considering the order was placed Wednesday afternoon! Mass Container continues to be a great performing supplier to Kenney Mfg… and the service is outstanding.”

M Cubed

“I just wanted to drop you a quick line to tell you how much I enjoy working with Charla. My schedules change so much and SO quickly, yet she always seems to bring together your team and your team makes it happen. I wish I could have a Charla at ALL my suppliers.”


“I just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks for providing the Tour for APICS Hartford Chapter. The tour was excellent, and I wanted to thank you for taking the time to make us feel so welcome. It is not easy giving up an evening to help strangers better understand your business. Your generous donation of your time and resources is very much appreciated by the chapter. Your passion for Unicorr and its people was evident in your presentation, and tells a great story which more people need to hear.”

Chabaso Bakery

“Last week Chabaso forwarded several small cases of a new bread product we’ve developed to some very important potential clients. Dave MacDonald and your in-house team worked with us closely to provide display cartons that would not only showcase our artisan breads, but would also fit within our very limited outer shipping containers. The presentations went well, due in large part to the successful mutual efforts of Unicorr and Chabaso Bakery.”

Heat Transfer Products

“We see only positive things coming from a new crate we had designed by Unicorr. The crate secures and protects our product during shipping and storage. It is stable, stackable and increases our storage space. Plus it’s better for the environment because it minimizes the amount of corrugated by using recycled wood!”

State Garden

“Thank you all for working so hard for us here at StateGarden. I am more than pleased with your performance and the can do attitude that I receive from the complete Unicorr team. I truly did pick the right corrugated partner to help support our business.”

Mercury Brewing Co.

“You all continue to amaze me compared to the other company we were with.If only we had met sooner…”