Structural Design & Graphics

Unicorr’s structural design and graphics team has the technical expertise, store channel knowledge, products, tools, and creativity to meet any and all of your design requirements.

Our designers are not only experienced in corrugated displays and packaging, but will assist you in selling and protecting your product. We will listen to your needs and will recommend the best structural design solution using packaging alternatives such as foam, wood, plastic corrugated, molded fiber, and various other types of materials. Our creative team will design a package that takes the following into consideration: cost efficiency, protection, graphics, packing, sustainability, shipping, and inventory management.

Demand the most from your packaging, distribution and marketing requirements – after all, the packaging is a reflection of the quality of the product inside.

Structural Design & Graphics Solutions

Our in-house artists can take your concept and create an eye-catching package or display. Let our software and skills come to you. Our structural designers and graphic artists are available to support our sales team at your location for onsite structural design, graphics presentations and audits.