Reusable Plastic Corrugated

Many of the world’s leading companies use our reusable, pre-automated, plastic corrugated boxes and bulk packaging systems. Achieve two goals: cost reduction and sustainability with reusable corrugated plastic boxes and bulk bins. If you or your suppliers (incoming material), can reuse your boxes, then Unicorr can help drive down your costs to just a few pennies per shipment. Our plastic boxes can be reused hundreds of times. Reusable packaging generally reduces green house gases, energy and solid waste by over 60%. Improve your green scorecard!

Plastic Corrugated Boxes

Product Benefits:

  • Pre-automated, EZ set up designs: available in automatic locking bottom designs which eliminates the time, material and labor associated with box set up
  • Custom designs: Unicorr can customize a plastic box to your packagingrequirements: Automatic Locking Bottom Designs; RSC’s; Die Cut’s; Bulk Bins
  • Tough Boxes: Ideal for harsh environments where moisture, humidity and ESD are a problem. Corrugated plastic’s performance is unaffected by water
  • Superior Product Protection: Unicorr’s plastic boxes offer better product protection and crush resistance than conventional paper boxes
  • Free Environmental Survey: Unicorr can help you analyze the environmental benefits and ROI of a reusable plastic versus existing paper systems

Bulk Packaging System


SURE-Pak: Safe, Universal, Reusable, Economical

SURE-Pak is just what it says… safe, universal, reusable, and economical and is the perfect solution to your bulk shipping and warehousing needs. SURE-Pak is designed to be a lower cost alternative to hard sided knock-down containers and is worker- and environmentally- friendly.

Product Benefits:

• Made from HDPE (100% recyclable)

• Lightweight for better ergonomics

• Triple wall liner available in 24″, 30″ and 45″ heights

• 4-way entry for efficient handling

• Drop panel doors for easy loading and unloading

• Ever-Lok2 patented locking system (no more stretch wrapping)

• Stackable (conserves space and reduces shipping costs)

• Holds up to 2,000 lbs. each

• Stacks 4 units high, bottom capable of withstanding 7,500 lbs.

• Large Leg Footprint

• Weather Resistant

• Easy to clean

• Available in convenient kits (top, pallet, liner, 8 locking clips)

Sustainability through lean thinking

At Unicorr, we take environmental responsibility seriously. Throughout our organization, we work toward minimizing any adverse impacts our products or processes may have on the environment.

Our commitment and dedication to identifying efficiencies in the supply chain has resulted in continuous improvement and sustainable growth practices.