Packaging Optimization

Unicorr strives to provide you with packaging optimization ideas and solutions that will result in package and packing cost reductions, savings in ‘soft’ costs, transportation, space, handling, and improved cash flow. Our inventory management services include, JIT and KAN-BAN for inventory efficiency.

Experience, expertise and value-added services have made us the preferred supplier to hundreds of customers regionally, nationally and globally. Your Unicorr sales, service, design, and engineering teams will work with you to:

  • Design customized packaging solutions
  • Produce samples to test under existing operating conditions
  • Perform auditing services to run cost analysis on existing packaging, processes and systems, and savings analysis due to suggested enhancements
  • Generate optimization models on box quantity analysis and delivery systems

Packaging Optimization Solutions

To support our design and auditing services, we continuously invest in software and hardware upgrades and enhancements. Packaging optimization software can be used for package size, strength, pallet loading, and freight costs. On-site packaging audits will help optimize your packaging process from manufacturing and packing to your customer.