Customer Engagement

Unicorr Packaging Group is a family-owned company committed to providing superior packaging solutions while innovating to continuously improve our environmental footprint, the satisfaction of our employees and customers, and our impact on the world. Our customers are key stakeholders in the sustainability process. Our CEO and Executive Board oversee sustainability at Unicorr and we welcome feedback and requests.

Fiber from properly managed forests is the primary raw material for corrugated packaging and is an infinitely renewable resource. We are committed to sourcing containerboard inputs from certified chain of custody, certified sourcing, and non-controversial sources. Our boxes use water-based, non-toxic starch adhesives.

We measure our Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions and work to reduce our climate impacts by relative and absolute measures using 2009 as a baseline. We systematically look for opportunities to reduce waste production and find ways to recycle or beneficially reuse what is produced.

Unicorr Packaging Group is committed to working with our stakeholders to review our sustainability policy, chain of custody program development, and certified sourcing program and continually improve our environmental management systems and performance.

Corrugated Overview

  • The primary raw material for corrugated is wood pulp from managed forests. Trees from properly managed forests are an infinitely renewable resource.
  • We currently provide our customers with Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) Certified Sourcing corrugated product.
  • Corrugated is the most recycled and most easily recyclable packaging material on the market: 91% of all corrugated containers are recycled and the average corrugated box contains 46% recycled content and we offer customers a choice of higher content materials upon request.

Carbon and Energy Management

Unicorr has developed an ongoing carbon and energy footprint of our manufacturing facilities. We reduced our greenhouse gas emissions per unit of product by 12.6% between 2009 and 2013.

Waste Management

Unicorr measures and examines all wastes to identify and implement opportunities for beneficial reuse and recycling. It may take some time, but our goal is simple: nothing in the dumpster. We reuse or recycle the majority of the outputs from our facilities.

Business Sustainability Challenge

Unicorr receives feedback and regular review of our sustainability initiatives as members of the Business Sustainability Challenge through Energize Connecticut.

Product Design

We work with our customers to systematically reduce the size of the packaging relative to the product shipped, the amount of fiber through material use, and the transport efficiency.


Unicorr carefully monitors shipping efficiency to ensure that trucks are loaded at capacity and to minimize trips.

Individual Initiatives

Each of our facilities is committed to identifying, measuring, and improving environmental impacts from our operations. Individual facilities have implemented projects including energy efficiency retrofits, waste reduction, internal recycling programs, and a low discharge water management system. We are growing our employee engagement and charity programs alongside sustainability training for all of our employees.

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