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New Manufacturing and Warehouse Facility Added to Unicorr’s Operations

Coastal Pallet

February 2020 – Nutmeg Container, a division of Unicorr Packaging Group, one of the largest protective packaging manufacturers in the Northeast, recently completed the total refurbishment of a 125,000 sq. ft. manufacturing and warehouse facility in Thompson, CT, into a high-tech, more environmentally-friendly production operation. The new building has enabled the company to bring its growing protective packaging, NELMA certified wood manufacturing divisions under one roof.

According to Unicorr Executive Vice President James Pious, the new facility increases the designated area for wood production from 30,000 sq. ft. to 80,000 sq. ft. “The remaining space includes allocations for warehousing and distribution,” Pious said, “including the relocation of one of our warehouses from Southbridge, MA.” Read More »

Unicorr Packaging Group Acquires Coastal Pallet Corp. of Bridgeport, CT

Coastal Pallet

January 2020 – The Protective Packaging Division of Unicorr Packaging Group has acquired one of the largest manufacturers of new pallets in the Northeast, Coastal Pallet Corporation of Bridgeport, CT. A state-of-the-art manufacturer of custom wooden pallets, crates, and skids for various industries for nearly fifty years, the company has been recognized in the industry for its high quality work.

Citing that Coastal Pallet was “a good fit for our Protective Packaging Division product line,” Steve Malley, Unicorr Vice President of Protective Packaging added, “Unicorr has a fast-growing, diversified base of customers, many of whom require pallets of some shape and size. We were already manufacturing technical crates and pallets, so the acquisition of Coastal Pallet provides a natural extension of our work.” Coastal Pallet produces pallets as small as 20″ x 24″ and as large as 120″ x 110″, in standard and custom shapes, with the ability to make them even larger. Read More »

Unicorr Adds 4-Color High-Speed Flexo Folder Gluer to its Line of Highly Efficient, State-of-the-Art Production Equipment

Bobst FFG 8.20 Expertline

October 2019 – Unicorr Packaging Group has added a Bobst FFG 8.20 Expertline—a 4-color high-speed flexo folder gluer with die-cutting capability—to its line of highly efficient, state-of-the-art production equipment. Recently installed at Massachusetts Container in Marlborough, the Bobst 8.20 produces high quality corrugated boxes for almost any industry including food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, e-commerce, appliances and home goods, industrial products, and shipping and distribution.

From the automatic prefeeder on the front to the automatic palletizer at the end of the machine, the fully automated system allows for ultra-quick setup time and produces up to 24,000 boxes per hour while delivering reliable and consistent quality. It also prints up to four colors and has a die cut section.
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Unicorr Acquires the Most Sophisticated Corrugated, Direct Print Flexographic Press in the Northeast


June 2019 – Unicorr Packaging Group has begun operation on a new Göpfert six-color, rotary die cutter Evolution HBL (High Board Line) press. Located at Connecticut Container Corp. in North Haven, CT, the Göpfert is complete with state-of-the-art features such as auto-registration that enables production of lithographic quality printing on corrugated.

Not only does the machine have best-in-class print quality, the Göpfert press is a best-in-class production machine. It produces up to 10,000 sheets an hour, and its multi-directional bundle breakers maximize the number of items per sheet, increasing machine efficiency. This machine allows the operator to set up unused print stations while the press is running, which reduces setup time. Read More »

Unicorr Achieves Certification as an Amazon APASS Provider


March 2019 – Unicorr Packaging Group is now a certified APASS provider, the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network. The APASS network was created by Amazon to help their vendors find packaging suppliers. As an APASS provider, Unicorr is qualified to design, test, and manufacture packaging to meet Amazon’s latest stringent guidelines.

“Reducing packaging waste and increasing distribution efficiency has become one of Amazon’s key missions,” Gary Lenkeit, Corporate Creative Director at Unicorr, said. “When a vendor wants their products available to its customers through Amazon, the packaging must be certified by Amazon on meeting specific criteria and passing a series of tests.” Read More »

VCC and NCC Receive Prominent Industry Safety Award

March 2014 – Vermont Container (VCC) and Nutmeg Container (NCC) have been recognized for their outstanding safety records by the distinguished Fibre Box Association (FBA) and the Association of Independent Corrugated Converters’ (AICC) 2013 Corrugated Container Industry Annual Report of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses and Safety Awards Program.

Vermont Container has been given the Perfect Plant Award recognized for zero incidents in a calendar year. VCC has gone over five years without a recordable safety incident. Nutmeg Container achieved the Safety Excellence Award for facilities with no lost workdays due to job-related injury or illness for the calendar year.

Safety is a top priority at all Unicorr facilities, and we are pleased to see that the effort given by all employees at both VCC and NCC are acknowledged in such an honorable manner.

Vermont Container Raises $23,000 for Wounded Warriors in Action

November 2013 – Each of Unicorr’s operating facilities were provided with funds to donate to a charity of their choice with the guideline of supporting people in need. Vermont Container had a wonderfully successful event for Wounded Warriors in Action (, a charity that provides hunting trips for wounded soldiers.

The entire Vermont Container team prepared for and participated in fundraising which concluded with a dinner and a raffle in Bennington Vermont where the team ran the event from the raffle to preparing and serving dinner. A good time was had by all and $23,000 was raised! The largest event donation received by WWIA!

Unicorr Hosts Plant Tour for APICS Worcester County Chapter

September 2013 Unicorr welcomed members of the APICS Worcester County Chapter, a professional association for supply chain and operations, to their plant with a tour of their facility. The tour was a success scoring high levels of satisfaction from the APICS members. Because of this outstanding evaluation, APICS has added Unicorr to their New England District database of community members, affiliates and customers.

Unicorr Expands Capabilities with Robotic Martin Flexo Folder Gluer and the BOBST EXPERTFOLD and POLYJOINER.

June 2012 The philosophy at Unicorr is to invest in people, efficiencies, technology and equipment to develop packaging solutions that drive business for its customers. The company has recently expanded its capabilities with the addition of two state-of-the-art pieces of equipment: The Robotic Martin Flexo Folder Gluer and the BOBST EXPERTFOLD and POLYJOINER. The Robotic Martin Flexo Folder Gluer is a multi-faceted, automated process that produces corrugated boxes from initial feed and printing to final stack and banding – at a rate of 20,000 pieces per hour. The BOBST EXPERTFOLD and POLYJOINER produces products that are constructed of up to three pieces of corrugated material in one pass, including the in-demand Retail-Ready-Packaging.

Massachusetts Container Schedules Installation of Software

August 2011 – Software is scheduled for installation for direct machine input to increase efficiency and job status.

Massachusetts Container to Get a New Conveyor System

July 2011 – Also in process is a new conveyor system for improved safety and efficiency.

Unicorr Celebrates 65 Years of Success and Growth

June 2011 – Unicorr celebrates 65 years as one of the largest converters of corrugated products, displays and protective packaging in the Northeast. Since 1946, Unicorr has distinguished itself by its integrity and manufacturing, design and service excellence. By practicing lean thinking to promote efficiency, sustainability and the elimination of waste along with a customer-partnership philosophy, Unicorr has enjoyed decades of success and growth.

Unicorr’s Carbon Footprint

June 2011 – Unicorr completed its carbon footprint and waste stream analysis and will use it as a benchmark for continuous improvement.

Unicorr to Upgrade Design Software

June 2011 – Unicorr’s design software is now upgraded for improved design, art, efficiency and design analysis (strength and efficiency) allowing Unicorr to provide 3D and visual store presentation to customers and for our customers to present to their customers.

Connecticut Container Installs New Specialty Folder/Gluer

June 2011 – A new specialty folder/gluer was installed with full design capabilities and the industry’s best speed and quality that will produce designs to reduce our customers’ assembly time. In November it will have the unique ability to join three pieces in line for retail ready packaging, partitions, reinforcement and other advanced designs.

Connecticut Container Announces Flexo Folder Gluer to be Installed

June 2011 – A 4-color flexo folder gluer with set up while running camera inspected quality and ejection and die cutting is to be installed in November. This gluer allows for industry best efficiency and quality!

Connecticut Container Installs Software Connections

June 2011 – On June 11th, CCC installed software connections to machines that measures productivity and job status.

Connecticut Container to Install 4-Color Rotary Die Cutter

June 2011 – Ink chambers on our 4-color rotary die cutter are to be replaced for better efficiency, graphics and reduced water and ink use.

Massachusetts Container Scheduled October Installation for Stacker

June 2011 – November 2010, a stacker for better speed and throughput was installed for the rotary die cutter and for improved graphics and efficiency and reduced water use, new ink chambers are to be installed in October 2011.

Massachusetts Container to Add Quality and Process Engineer

June 2011 – MCC is adding a new position for a Quality and Process Engineer.

Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) Visits Nutmeg Container

June 2011 – Senator Richard Blumenthal toured Nutmeg Container in Putnam, CT on his “Business Listening Tour” in the State of Connecticut. During the 50 minute visit, Unicorr management discussed topics ranging from job creation, taxation and OSHA laws.

Nutmeg Container Installs New Foam Recycling Unit

June 2011 – In answer to a serious waste issue, a new foam recycling unit has been installed at Nutmeg Container-Protective Packaging Division. This unit allows 100% recovery of die cut scrap, converting it into ready to process logs for the production of new foam planks.

Nutmeg Container to Integrate Software and Bar Coding

June 2011 – Also in the process is the integration of software and bar coding for improved efficiency and process knowledge.

Vermont Container Observed Its 50 Year Anniversary

June 2011 – Vermont Container celebrated 50 years of success with an open house attended by 100 guests. The Bennington, VT facility produces corrugated, wood and fully kitted packs for customers in Vermont, New Hampshire, Eastern New York state and Western Massachusetts.

Unicorr Receives Vendor of the Year Award

May 2011 – Broder Brothers, located in Philadelphia, PA, presented Unicorr with the Vendor of the Year Award for 2010 at their annual vendor conference in May 2011. Unicorr services all 13 of Broder Brothers distribution centers throughout the U.S.A. supplying corrugated boxes and a full line of packaging supplies to all locations.

Unicorr Adds Video Conferencing

January 2011 – Video conferencing has been installed at all Unicorr facilities for both internal and external communication. Video conferencing is a time-saving solution that will enhance customer service and project efficiency.

Roof Collapsed Due to Heavy Snow

January 2011 – The roof at CCC was another casualty of heavy snow accumulation this past winter. On January 27th, CCC experienced the collapse. It was successfully repaired with no customer interruption!

Nutmeg Container Installs Dust Collection System

January 2011 – A major dust collection system was installed to maintain a high standard of safety and housekeeping.

Vermont Container Improves Power System

January 2011 – The power system at VCC was improved for sustainability purposes.

Nutmeg Container Celebrates 25 Years

January 2011 – Nutmeg Container hosted an open house for its customers and guests. NCC started in 1985 with five employees in 13,000 square feet. Today, the operation has grown to 140,000 square feet with two off site warehouses to service accounts throughout New England.

Nutmeg Container Installs Holzma Panel Saw

November 2010 – A new Holzma panel saw was installed. The increased size and capabilities of the saw will allow faster setup and cycle times.

Connecticut Container Installs Equipment to Improve Efficiency and Safety

October 2010 – In order to increase efficiency and improve safety, Connecticut Container has installed a new prefeeder, conveyor, strapping and stretch wrapper lines, and machine infeed/discharge lines.

Massachusetts Container Rebuilds Flexo Folder

October 2010 – The small flexo folder gluer was rebuilt and two new glue units were installed for better efficiency and quality.

Massachusetts Container Improves Corrugator

October 2010 – MCC’s corrugator received a new slitter/scorer for significantly improved speed, waste reduction and board quality.

Nutmeg Container Has New Rite Size Machine

October 2010 – For small order box runs, a rite size machine was installed.

Nutmeg Container Improves Sustainability

October 2010 – To improve sustainability, NCC completed their compressor and lighting project.

Connecticut Container Added Bundle Breaker

September 2010 – For increased throughput and material reduction, a bundle breaker was added to the 4-color rotary die cutter.